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  • Banned single-use lightweight plastic bags to reduce the amount of plastic waste going to landfill. (2018) Qld
  • Implemented the container refund scheme, Containers for Change, with 2 billion containers returned state-wide, and a 48.4% reduction in the number of containers littered in the environment or going to landfill. Over 110 million containers recycled in the Ipswich City Council area with $11 million refunded to support small businesses, community groups, and charities across Ipswich. Qld
  • Established the Odour Abatement Taskforce (2018) to investigate and respond to community concerns about odours, dust, smoke, and other environmental nuisances in and around Swanbank. The Taskforce has issued 46 enforcement actions against companies in Swanbank and New Chum including:
  • EPO issued to Cleanaway for the fire that broke out on 19 July 2020
  • Court proceedings against NuGrow for breach of EA (commenced 17/06/20)
  • Two Environmental Evaluations (NuGrow and WMI)
  • Twenty formal warnings
  • Nine penalty infringement notices (totalling $92,689 in fines)
  • Thirteen Section 451 notices.
  • Temporary local planning instrument (TLPI) put in place in April 2018 to cover the Swanbank/New Chum areas providing a 750 metre buffer zone from existing, approved or planned residential areas. TLPI extended for another two years in April 2020. The TLPI regulates development applications for the Swanbank/New Chum areas while Council will use the period to amend their planning scheme to address community concerns over the impact of waste facilities.
  • $100 million Resource Recovery Industry Development Program to develop Queensland’s resource recovery and recycling industry. (2018) Qld
  • Re-introduced the waste levy (commenced 1 July 2019) to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill (especially waste coming in from interstate). (2019) Qld
  • Delivered Queensland’s Waste Management and Resource Recovery Strategy (2019) creating a vision for Queensland to become a zero-waste society, where waste is avoided, reused, and recycled to the greatest possible extent. Targets for 2050:
    • 25% reduction in household waste
    • 90% of waste recovered and does not go to landfill
    • 75% recycling rates across all waste types Qld
  • Released the Plastic Pollution Reduction Plan for Queensland to set actions around limiting, and where necessary, bans on some single-use plastic products. (2019) Qld
  • Introduced legislation banning single-use plastics including straws, drink stirrers, cutlery, and plates to reduce the amount of plastic waste littered in the environment or going to landfill. (2020) Qld