Major-General Ellwood visits Ipswich

Major-General Ellwood visits Ipswich Main Image

10 June 2022

State Recovery Coordinator, Major General Jake Ellwood, toured parts of Ipswich this week with Member for Ipswich Jennifer Howard and Division 3 Councillor Marnie Doyle.


The Major General oversees the largest recovery operation Queensland has ever seen.


“The resilience and spirit of the Ipswich people is a constant inspiration to the recovery efforts,” Major General Ellwood said.


“It makes things easier when leaders in the community like Jennifer and Marnie work together.”


Major General Ellwood, Jennifer Howard and Cr Doyle spoke to many flood-affected residents, who shared their stories and shed light on the kind of support they need to prevent further losses during future flooding events.


Member for Ipswich Jennifer Howard said that the devastation inflicted by the floods was obvious during their visit.


 “It was absolutely heartbreaking to meet the families and hear the flood survival stories directly from them,” Ms Howard said.


“This visit is significant because it is about communication between all levels of Federal, State and Local Government to speed up the recovery process.”


The Major General, Ms Howard and Cr Doyle also visited the Ipswich Knights Football Club, with Vice-President Len Arnold and Life Member David O’Leary sharing details about equipment and infrastructure that needs to be fixed or replaced.


Flood-affected residents are encouraged to register their interest in the Resilient Homes Fund.


The $741 million program will assist Queensland homeowners looking to upgrade their home to make it more flood resilient, raise their home or have their home bought back.


Homeowners can register interest for the program through the Resilient Homes Fund website: