Police Make Recommendations to Protect QLDers

06 February 2020

The Member for Ipswich, Jennifer Howard, is calling on members of the local community to have their say about police recommendations in relation to replicas and gel blasters that look like real weapons.

The Queensland Police Service made the recommendations after a disturbing spike in incidents involving the misuse of devices that look like real weapons.

Police are not calling for any kind of ban on these devices. The majority of gel blaster owners are responsible and do the right thing.

What police do recommend are common sense regulations that will support community safety.

Firstly, it is important to reinforce that anyone who transports a gel blaster that looks like the real thing or a replica firearm in public, then that item should be carried in a suitable bag or case, away from public view.

Secondly, police recommend that owners of gel blasters that look like the real thing and replica firearms should keep them secured when stored at home.

Finally, police have suggested that the owners of gel blasters should have a reasonable excuse for their possession.

A reasonable excuse would be, for example, that the owner of the gel blaster is a member of a gel blaster club and owns it for taking part in club activities.

Ms Howard said the advice from police amounted to a sensible response to the increase in the number of incidents involving the misuse of gel blasters.

“The safety of Queenslanders is of paramount importance,” Ms Howard said.

“Gel blasters can look very similar to real firearms.

“We don’t want them used to threaten people or commit crimes.

“We also don’t want to see anyone get caught up in a bad situation where a member of the community sees them with a gel blaster and calls the police.

“We all want to avoid a tragedy.

“Police are not suggesting a ban. This is about a few simple precautions to keep the community safe.”

To provide feedback on the recommendations from police, visit www.getinvolved.qld.gov.au